Here is a list of all exceptions defined by Bowtie. Generally there shouldn’t be a need to catch these but they are provided here for completeness.

Bowtie exceptions.

exception bowtie.exceptions.GridIndexError[source]

Invalid index into the grid layout.

exception bowtie.exceptions.MissingRowOrColumn[source]

Missing a row or column.

exception bowtie.exceptions.NoSidebarError[source]

Cannot add to the sidebar when it doesn’t exist.

exception bowtie.exceptions.NoUnusedCellsError[source]

All cells are used.

exception bowtie.exceptions.NotStatefulEvent[source]

This event is not stateful and cannot be paired with other events.

exception bowtie.exceptions.SerializationError[source]

Cannot serialize the data for command.

exception bowtie.exceptions.SizeError[source]

Size values must be a number.

exception bowtie.exceptions.UsedCellsError[source]

At least one cell is used, when placing the widget.

exception bowtie.exceptions.WebpackError[source]

Errors from Webpack.

exception bowtie.exceptions.YarnError[source]

Errors from Yarn.